Dear Parents/Guardians:

Congratulations on your son/daughter’s admittance into the Centennial High School's Work-Based Learning Program. 

Work-based learning is a unique and valuable experience for any young person. WBL students have the opportunity to explore careers and learn important employment skills in the workplace under the direction of a competent training sponsor. The training sponsor works cooperatively with the school to develop a learning and/or training plan for the student.

The benefits of WBL include working within a controlled, carefully supervised workplace environment and learning about career opportunities in an area of interest. There is merit for every student whether or not further education at a college/university or technical center is part of his or her future plans. Students participating in WBL experiences accept the following responsibilities:

1. The student must demonstrate regular attendance at school.

2. The student may not report for a workplace experience without the coordinators permission if the student is absent from school.

3. The student must notify the training sponsor and school if he or she must be absent from a scheduled work experience.

4. The student must complete the online curriculum, attend class meetings, and complete all of the required documentation.

5. The student is encouraged to become a member of the related career and technical student organization at the local, state, and national levels.

This link: will provide you with additional information. If you have questions, please contact me at 470-254-4230 or


Marie Robinson


Marie Robinson

CTE Department Chair

Work-Based Learning Coordinator